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Imagine Peace

Stumbled upon some wisdom from the famous fluxus artist and peace activist, Yoko Ono at

“If people make it a habit to draw a somersault on every other street as they commute to their office, take off their pants before they fight, shake hands with strangers whenever they feel like it, give flowers or part of their clothing on streets, subways, elevator, toilet, etc., and if politicians go through a tea house door (lowered, so people must bend very low to get through) before they discuss anything and spend a day watching the fountain water dance at the nearest park, the world business may slow down a little but we may have peace.”


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Sleep Cycle

New obsession — the Sleep Cycle app on the iPhone. I’m a fan of sleeping and I’m game for anything that makes it better. The app uses the movement sensors in the iPhone to track your activity while you sleep (my understanding says that depending on the phase of sleep you’re in, your breathing patterns as well as the levels of tossing and turning in bed, change) The app claims that it uses the body’s sleep cycle to wake you at the optimal time so you get up feeling refreshed.

I’ve been using it since I purchased the app, which is around a week at this point. I think the sleep tracking is pretty darn right, though it’s been better on some days than others in picking the optimal wake-up time.

Last night though, was perfect —

Sleep statistics for 05 – 06 Sep (Mon).

Went to bed / woke up: 3:26 AM / 10:11 AM
Total time: 6h 44m

Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.

My sleep graph for the entire night:

Missing: The app desperately needs a snooze feature.

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