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SIGGRAPH 2010 throwback

This past month I attended SIGGRAPH: People Behind the Pixels in Los Angeles, CA. It’s safe to say that I enjoyed the experience enormously. It was a great place to make new introductions, reconnect with old friends, and get inspired. Not to mention, there was a big Carnegie Mellon/Disney/ETC presence and I felt extremely cool by association. The Computer Animation Festival screenings and the Electronic Theatre were some of my favorite events at the conference. The SIGGRAPH team also introduced for the first time, Dailies, which I thought was a great forum to hear production stories from people from the industry. I’m rooting for that to be a repeat feature next year. Here’s a throwback to some of the pieces I was most impressed by —

Logorama, from the Animation Shorts Screening —

Diversifying the content for animations at SIGGRAPH, Ovulation —

Nuit Blanche captures a gorgeous moment between two strangers —

(Original at

And finally, this data visualization made using Processing —

Would I go back next year? Yes.

Can someone else pay for my pass? Please?


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