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3D Media Final Project

(Maple Wood, Steel Rod)


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All That You Can’t Leave Behind



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Working Title – “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”.

Here’s some crude and elementary screen tests of the scrabble board –

Side View –

After four revisions, the script is finally where it needs to be. The scrabble mechanics have all been figured out. I need to figure out hand gestures for the screenplay. I have actors on board for the movie and the voice over.

The schedule is as follows –
Dec 2 – Sound Recording
Dec 3, 4 – Finalize Screenplay.
Dec 5 – Filming
Followed by compositing and post-processing

I want to use free music from as the backgound score, here are the links to two sound files that I will probably end up meshing together –

Lastly, Kiva Han has given the green light for shooting the movie in their cozy coffeehouse.

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